Drabble: Remington Steele

Happens during "Signed, Steeled, & Delivered", ep 1x04

Laura looked over at Steele.  They were on their way to confront the CIA - of all things!  He was so worked up back at that gas station.  He still was.  He was driving very aggressively, gripping the wheel so hard, his knuckles had turned white.  This man was truly a mystery.   She had not known him long, but this was something she had not expected.  This wildly protective streak, over a perfect stranger.
What was it?  He was proud of his role in the Agency – she understood that.  Steele was, generally, a good person at heart.  She believed that, too.  Laura was skilled at reading people.  But this outrage that someone would try to kill the mousy little analyst in the backseat, this certainly took her by surprise.

Had someone looked up to him like this once and he let them down?  Laura knew nothing about his past.  Was there a little brother or sister that he had failed to protect?  Someone he should have watched out for, but didn’t?  That was the only explanation she could come up with right now.   What would the CIA say?  He had never worked for them – surely that would come out.  Maybe his utter lack of documentable history would help in this instance.

When this was all over, she had to ask him – had to know.   What brought this out in him?  Simon? The case in general?  Or some helpless, frightened soul looking up to him with hero worship so clearly shining in their eyes….
sad rain

there is no song in my heart

My best friend posted this to facebook, and I can't really say it any better:
"[We] just said goodbye to a dear friend that has been a significant part of our lives for the last sixteen years. Rowan passed in the night and is now once again with his brother Ash, that left us a couple years ago to scout the way for mice and canned tuna. Au revoir, ma belle petite chat noir."
I didn't realize until just this very moment that it had been two years since we lost Ash, almost to the day.
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Tomorrow is also my mom's birthday.  There's too much emotional crap right now.  I would like to curl up with a vodka bottle until I pass out, but I get to open the store in the morning.  Yay.   I need this week to be over.  I'm done - DONE.

New job!

I will soon be changing jobs again.... As of march 18, I will be the new assistant manager at a local corporate owned video game shop! Had a phone interview at 3, received the phone call with the good news at 6:30! The beloved and happy husband took me out to dinner to celebrate. No more working at a plant, getting up at 4 or 5 am. The plant job is not hard, but 12 hours moving parts makes your hands hurt a LOT.

I am very glad something good happened today. Nine years ago I lost one of my favorite cats to an unexpected hemorrhage in her lung. Had I been able to take her to my vet, she possibly could have been saved. In memory of her, I planted four lily bulbs in the front yard early this afternoon.

Also, for those of you planning to go and see Die Hard 5, beware. The camera shaking is constant throughout the entire film. Not quite Cloverfield, but it still made me seasick as all hell. Not a single steady cam shot in the whole thing as far as I can tell....

Good news!

The last two days have been kind of rough. PMS + unemployment = crazy and cranky me. :( I've been making my husband unhappy. However - I received a phone call today and I get to go pee in a cup tomorrow and then I have orientation on Friday! I have a job at a local plant. I have no idea of any more details, but as my unemployment award was all of 125 a week (!) I am very grateful to be earning some money - I hope. :D

On a different note, it is freezing cold here, when two days ago it was 70! Stupid weather.

Supernatural in a nutshell....

A few gems from's write up on Supernatural's Hunteri Heroici:

– While watching Wile E. Coyote chase the Road Runner, Cas remarked that Wile E. was man, and Road Runner was God, and the cartoon represented humankind's unending quest to catch God. Mind = blown.

– Supernatural in a nutshell: Detective, "Do you always chase the crazy or does the crazy chase you?" Dean: "Depends on the day."

– No, no, no, Dean, we've discussed this (in "The Usual Suspects"). You're not Scully. You're Mulder. Sam is a red-headed woman.


The Dark Knight Rises

I saw it tonight.  And it was GOOD.  Like, crying at the end good.  I believe I was in tears at the end of ID4, Gladiator (who wasn't), Star Trek, and now DKRises.  It ties things up in a very satisfactory way.  I need to find a fellow comics nerd and brainstorm about the various plot threads and where they came from.
Anne Hathaway is FANTASTIC as Selina.  Everything I could ask for.  Go see it!

The first thing I heard this morning was the news about Aurora, CO on NPR.  Very sad.  The only reason I was not at our local midnight showing is because I had to work today.  As scary as it is, the killing of a single human being, I can almost understand.  People get angry and they lose control.  Sad, but true.  However, I have no idea what throws a switch and makes someone decide to go shoot up a movie theater.  Killing random strangers makes no sense at all.

Burn Notice Fic - Guilty Party

Finished this in December and never got around to posting it.

Title: Guilty Party

Finished: 12/18/11; Word count: 335
Rating: PG

Summary: missing scene from Fail Safe, finale of season 5 (5x18) - Sam and Fi have a conversation
Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters.  No profit, no foul, no sue

Feedback: Treasured lovingly and fed well at
Author's note: I know I am not the only one who thought Sam’s eyes told a different tale at the end of this episode.

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I am engaged!!!  
John asked me on Monday afternoon out on the bluffs in Kisatchie Forest.
He makes me feel loved and beautiful and important.  And I still don't understand why he loves me.  But I believe that it is true.