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The Dark Knight Rises

I saw it tonight.  And it was GOOD.  Like, crying at the end good.  I believe I was in tears at the end of ID4, Gladiator (who wasn't), Star Trek, and now DKRises.  It ties things up in a very satisfactory way.  I need to find a fellow comics nerd and brainstorm about the various plot threads and where they came from.
Anne Hathaway is FANTASTIC as Selina.  Everything I could ask for.  Go see it!

The first thing I heard this morning was the news about Aurora, CO on NPR.  Very sad.  The only reason I was not at our local midnight showing is because I had to work today.  As scary as it is, the killing of a single human being, I can almost understand.  People get angry and they lose control.  Sad, but true.  However, I have no idea what throws a switch and makes someone decide to go shoot up a movie theater.  Killing random strangers makes no sense at all.
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