serafine_fic (serafine_fic) wrote,

New job!

I will soon be changing jobs again.... As of march 18, I will be the new assistant manager at a local corporate owned video game shop! Had a phone interview at 3, received the phone call with the good news at 6:30! The beloved and happy husband took me out to dinner to celebrate. No more working at a plant, getting up at 4 or 5 am. The plant job is not hard, but 12 hours moving parts makes your hands hurt a LOT.

I am very glad something good happened today. Nine years ago I lost one of my favorite cats to an unexpected hemorrhage in her lung. Had I been able to take her to my vet, she possibly could have been saved. In memory of her, I planted four lily bulbs in the front yard early this afternoon.

Also, for those of you planning to go and see Die Hard 5, beware. The camera shaking is constant throughout the entire film. Not quite Cloverfield, but it still made me seasick as all hell. Not a single steady cam shot in the whole thing as far as I can tell....
Tags: job, life, love, pets

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