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there is no song in my heart

My best friend posted this to facebook, and I can't really say it any better:
"[We] just said goodbye to a dear friend that has been a significant part of our lives for the last sixteen years. Rowan passed in the night and is now once again with his brother Ash, that left us a couple years ago to scout the way for mice and canned tuna. Au revoir, ma belle petite chat noir."
I didn't realize until just this very moment that it had been two years since we lost Ash, almost to the day.

Tomorrow is also my mom's birthday.  There's too much emotional crap right now.  I would like to curl up with a vodka bottle until I pass out, but I get to open the store in the morning.  Yay.   I need this week to be over.  I'm done - DONE.
Tags: death, family, pets

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