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Does this count as conspicuous consumption?

I now own ALL of SG-1 on DVD.  Holy crap.  I found seasons 7 - 10 at Wal-Mart this evening for $19.96 a piece.   And I bought them.  So much for saving money for Dragon Con this paycheck...
My boyfriend came home from Slidell (NE of N.O., LA)  recently with seasons 5 & 6 acquired at W-M for $15 each.
Just thought I would share...


good day

This has been a good day. I spent time with my Dad, and am now watching the Oscars. Hugh Jackman is unfairly talented, beautiful, and possibly one of the yummiest men God has ever put upon this earth. If you did not see the opening number, find it on YouTube - I am sure it will be there by midnight tonight. Women's Violin High-Heel Mary Janes

On a completely different note, look at the wonderful shoes that I found this afternoon - and yes, I realize that I am cheap. BUT I can't see paying a ton of money for shoes I don't wear very often considering I can do my job dressed any way I bloody well please.

I have been looking for them for a month! And finally found them in my size at the Wal-Mart in Boutte, LA of all places. Dad and I had driven out there to see some deer and stopped off at W-M looking for a caller ID box. Came home and then we went to Target, he found the caller ID box at a very nice price and he bought me a new jump drive that was on sale and the reason we went there. I did not go to a parade, despite the fact that Bacchus is currently rolling less than 10 miles from where I sit. And I will try to write this evening. I swear!