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Good news!

The last two days have been kind of rough. PMS + unemployment = crazy and cranky me. :( I've been making my husband unhappy. However - I received a phone call today and I get to go pee in a cup tomorrow and then I have orientation on Friday! I have a job at a local plant. I have no idea of any more details, but as my unemployment award was all of 125 a week (!) I am very grateful to be earning some money - I hope. :D

On a different note, it is freezing cold here, when two days ago it was 70! Stupid weather.

The Job Search...

IS OVER!!!  

I have been offered a job teaching elementary choral music at three schools (I will be hitting one each day) here in Natchitoches Parish!   I am nervous but very very grateful.
And now I needto get some work clothes - no more teaching in my pajamas!